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Da Chronic Podcast

A complete collection of all your favorite Saints podcasts featuring Ralph Malbrough, Kevin Held, Dave Cariello and Andrew Juge

Drew Brees Only Ranked 79th Best Player [podcast]

Andrew, Dave, and Kevin join Ralph to discuss the Pro Football Focus ranking of Drew Brees as the 79th best player in 2012 on this week's episode of Da Chronic Podcast.

Saints 2013 NFL Draft Review [da chronic podcast]

One final review of the New Orleans Saints 2013 NFL Draft, except in audio format for your listening pleasure.

Saints Draft Preview Podcast Extravaganzapalooza

Prepare your eardrums for 90 minutes of pure, hardcore, unadulterated Saints draft talk.

Da Chronic Podcast: Trading with the Enemy

The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly looking to trade up in the 2013 NFL Draft so Ralph, Andrew and Kevin all debate whether the Saints should accommodate them.

Podcast: Draft for Need vs. Best Player Available

The boys take on an age old debate and talk late-night New Orleans munchies on this week's edition of Da Chronic Podcast.

Podcast: Special Guest Mike Karney on Spagnuolo

Former Saints fullback Mike Karney makes a special guest appearance and offers the most detailed and informative explanation on why the Saints defense was so bad in 2012.

Podcast: Saints Salary Cap and Free Agency Preview

Andrew, Kevin, and our fearless leader Dave are all together to discuss the Saints salary cap and the upcoming free agency period.

Podcast: Can the Saints Build a 3-4 Defense?

Questions abound for the Saints front office and their ability to put together a 3-4 defense as free agency and the NFL draft approach rapidly.

Saints Sign Rob Ryan: The Mega Podcast

Since the Saints have hired Rob Ryan to coach the defense it's mega podcast time! Andrew Juge, Kevin Held, and Dave Cariello join Ralph to break down everything about the newest member of the coaching staff.

Podcast: Recapping the SB and Still Hating Goodell

Andrew Juge makes his normal Wednesday appearance to recap the Super Bowl and Jason Bernos stops by to hate on Roger Goodell and talk potential defensive coordinators.

Super Bowl Week Mega Podcast

Since Sean Payton dropped Steve Spagnuolo like a bag of dirt, it's all hands on deck this week. Andrew Juge, our fearless leader Dave, and Kevin Held all join Ralph to discuss the Spags firing, the 3-4 switch and the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Podcast: Enjoying the Falcons Choke Job

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to join Ralph in congratulating the Atlanta Falcons on blowing the biggest lead in NFC Championship Game history. Is it small and petty? Absolutely. But admit it, you loved it too.

Podcast: Kromer Leaves Saints

Kevin Held and Dave Cariello join Ralph to discuss Aaron Kromer going to the Bears. Was he a good coach and how do the Saints replace him?

Will the Buffalo Bills Steal Saints Coaches?

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to discuss whether former Saints offensive line coach Doug Marrone getting the Buffalo Bills head coaching job means Pete Carmichael and Aaron Kromer are more likely

Who Ripped Spagnuolo?

Kevin goes on his craziest, weirdest, espionage filled rant ever. You won't want to miss it!

Fire the Entire Saints Defense

Now that the Saints have given up the most yards in NFL history, there should be no option too crazy to consider to fix things, including firing Steve Spagnuolo. Can one guy change the Saints defense?

Podcast: Saints Showed Grit in Dallas

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by for a holiday recap of the Dallas win and a preview of the Carolina Panthers matchup.

Podcast: Missing Sean Payton

It's the little things that show just how much the Saints miss Sean Payton this season. Plus some big things.

Podcast: Burning the Bucs to the Ground

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to recap the Saints' glorious ass kicking of Tampa Bay.

Goodell Shoots First, Asks Questions Never

Dave lays out in grand fashion why Roger Goodell went off the rails. Ralph wonder's about Goodell's legacy following the bounty investigation? Kevin explains why Anthony Hargrove was saved by Brett Favre's penis.

Saints Podcast: Salvaging the 2012 Season

Is Tyrunn Walker worthy of being on an NFL roster? Can Isa Abdul-Quddus and Rafael Bush be an upgrade at safety? And can Joe Morgan be Devery Henderson 2.0?