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New Orleans Saints Satire

A collection of Canal Street Chronicle's not so serious stories.

BREAKING: Saints sold to Mark Cuban with move to San Antonio likely

My world is shook.

2017 NFL Schmo Bowl

With the playoffs on the horizon, there remains an oft forgotten contest set to determine the schmoiest of the NFL schmoes.

Meet the Saints OTHER New CB!

The Saints new shutdown corner is a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-man.

Featured Fanshot

BREAKING: New Orleans Saints Draft Board Leaked?

2016 NFL Schmo Bowl

The Pro Bowl has come and gone and, with the Super Bowl on the horizon, there is yet an oft forgotten, penultimate contest set to determine the schmoiest of the NFL schmoes.

ESPN Livid About Saints Lions' MNF Matchup

ESPN has confirmed that they're furious about 2 non-playoff teams competing in Week 15 of MNF. "This is why we don't give these s***** small market teams spots," one exec complained. "They always f*** it up, especially late season."

Goodell Suspends Payton, Brees for DeflateGate

Despite any involvement with the Patriots organization whatsoever, Saints head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees have both been suspended four games by the NFL as punishment for the DeflateGate controversy.

GateGate: Saints Focus of New NFL Investigation

The Saints are once again in the scope of Roger Goodell and the NFL, this time for illegal practices regarding stadium security.

Exclusive Video: Rita and Gayle Fight

Canal Street Chronicles has obtained never-before-seen footage of the physical altercation from inside the Benson suite.

Sean Payton Cast as Lead In "Zoolander" Sequel

Apparently, the fact that Ben Stiller directed Zoolander was his primary reason for having the titular role. Zoolander 2 director Justin Theroux's first move was to recast the originator of the infamous "Blue Steel" face with Sean Payton.

Saints Stunned by Inability to Make Playoffs

After a disappointing 2014 campaign, the Saints' players and coaches seem to have stirred themselves into a state of deliriousness and believe that they play Arizona next week. Once they were told that their season was over, confusion followed.

Local Bar Collects on Rob Ryan's Tab

Apparently it's not only Saints fans that have it out for Rob Ryan after the Saints defense falls to dead last in the NFL.

Rob Ryan’s Draft Preview Extravaganza [part I]

Rob Ryan gives Saints fans a peak behind the curtain of the team's 2014 NFL Draft war room and shares which defensive player he'd like to see the Saints select.

League Investigating Superdome for PED Use

Is there more to the Saints' home dominance and road struggles than we ever realized?

Featured Fanshot

Sean Payton Considering Resting Saints Starters Until Playoffs -

Oh, my. ARROGANCE!!!

New Orleans Saints 2013 Rookie Minicamp Recap

70 drafted and undrafted Saints rookies, first-year and tryout players descended on New Orleans for a weekend of orientation and practice. Here's a look at everything we've learned about the young talent these past three days.

Saints to Interview Gregg Williams for DC

The most unlikely of candidates is in the running for the Saints defensive coordinator position.

Goodell Set to Suspend for Clinton Concussion

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is set to hand out suspensions following news that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion earlier today.

Goodell Starts "Bonus" Program

League calling it a pay-for-officiating program.

Saints Injure Kolb, Under Bounty Investigation...Again

Goodell announced, "We have evidence to suggest that Sedrick Ellis may have been motivated by a bounty incentive on the play."

Drew Brees Suspended for Bountygate Involvement

It seems the New Orleans Saints and their fans just can't catch a break this offseason.

Breaking News: Don Henley Hired as NFL CEO

In a totally random move, Roger Goodell has yet again rocked the football world.

Players Respond to Goodell's Letter

Players respond to Goodell's letter @ Canal Street Chronicles

Breakthrough in Drew Brees Contract Stalemate Lies in Jimmy John's Sandwich Sales

Should the Saints front office take a clue from New Orleans City Council?

Sean Payton Employs Movie Magic to Coach Saints in 2012

Unnamed sources at the theme park claim Payton was seen in the special effects/prosthetic makeup department with 7-time Academy Award® winning makeup artist Rick Baker.

Saints to use Sean Payton Hologram During 2012 Season

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton may be suspended from the NFL for all of the 2012 season, but that won't keep him off the sidelines during game day. At least not a holographic likeness of him.

NFL Draft 2012: Goodell Strips Saints of Third Round Pick

In a surprising last-minute move, the New Orleans Saints have been stripped of their 89th overall third round draft selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Saints Hire Shawn Slayton as Interim Head Coach

Another satirical gem from Canal Street Chronicles.

Saints Sign Arrington, Colston Now Free to Explore Free Agency

The Saints announced yesterday that they have agreed to a one-year deal worth $540,000 with exclusive rights free agent wide receiver Adrian Arrington.

Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

Reggie Bush Can't Find Remote, Obviously Not Dedicated to Football

Reggie Bush Can't Find Remote, Obviously Not Dedicated to Football

Saints Fire Sean Payton, Drew Brees to Take Over as Head Coach

Saints Fire Sean Payton, Drew Brees to Take Over as Head Coach

Gregg Williams Accepts UFL Head Coaching Job

Can it be true? Will the Saints be looking for a new DC?

Drew Brees to be Featured on Madden 12 Cover

Drew Brees to be Featured on Madden 12 Cover

Storm 46 @ Voodoo 40: The View from Section 140

Storm 46 @ Voodoo 40: The View from Section 140

NFL Players Hire Charlie Sheen to Represent Union in Labor Talks

With the CBA deadline fast approaching, the players have brought in the big guns and taken negotiations to another level.