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Seahawks beat Saints: Quick notes on the win

Three Saints Defenders Got an A- Against Seahawks

The Saints' defense was bad in their loss to the Seahawks Monday night. Everyone and their mom knew that stopping the Seahawks starts with stopping Marshawn Lynch. The weird thing is the Saints absolutely did that. They got in positions numerous times to get off the field. But Russell Wilson would make the 3rd down throws and he would scramble. The effort was there and the hits were vicious, though, and even with the game out of hand and the defense getting spanked, you have to give them credit for sustaining the effort level throughout.

Saints vs. Seahawks: A Look Back at their Week 13 MNF Matchup

A look back at the Saints-Seahawks Monday Night Football matchup during Week 13 of the 2013 NFL regular season.

No One on the Saints' Offense Grades Above a C+

You know the grades are bad when the designated "player of the game" got a C+. It just gets worse and worse from there.

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Seahawks beat Saints: Players, coaches react

Here's a roundup of player and coach pressers & interviews following Seattle win over the Saints.

Saints on the Ropes?

The New Orleans Saints have a lot to prove. And they better start proving it soon.

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Cigar Thoughts: Seahawks dismantle Saints 34-7

The Seattle Seahawks used stifling defense and Russell Wilson's mastery to defeat the New Orleans Saints 34-7 and clinch a playoff berth.

Saints vs. Seahawks MNF Twitter Recap

Relive the Saints' 37-7 loss to the Seahawks, as told by the best Who Dat Nation has to offer on Twitter.

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Observations of the New Orleans Saints' defense

Examining matchups against the Cowboys, Bears and Dolphins.

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Seahawks vs. Saints gameday notebook

Go Hawks.

Saints vs. Seahawks: Preview and Matchup History

What do Drew Brees and Russell Wilson both have in common when they play on Monday Night Football?

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Seahawks vs. Saints: 5 questions with CSC

To preview tonight's primetime Monday Night matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks, I traded scouting reports with Canal Street Chronicles' Dave Cariello.

Ode to Seattle ("All Apologies" Nirvana Parody)

In the spirit of friendly competitive fandom... the songwriter strikes again! This time, a song marking Monday night's match in Seattle, to compete for the No.1 Seed in the NFC.

Saints vs. Seahawks: Scouting the Enemy

In anticipation of the huge Saints vs. Seahawks Monday Night Football matchup tomorrow I chat with Danny Kelly from Field Gulls to learn a little more about what we can expect from Seattle.

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Saints-Seahawks Week 13 Preview - Uffsides

Can Drew Brees and the Saints' high-powered offense give the Seahawks their first home loss since 2011?

A Truth Serum Interview with Drew Brees

Ever wondered what would happen if someone gave your favorite quarterback some truth serum just before he gets to the podium before a big game? Well, wonder no more. We have a cloned Drew Brees telling us what he really thinks about the Seattle game.

Saints vs. Seahawks Preview [da chronic podcast]

The Saints face the Seahawks on Monday Night Football in Week 13 and the guys are ready to break it down in hilarious fashion, talking about PEDs, Breaking Bad and playoff scenarios.

The End is Near

Now that the Saints are virtually a lock for the playoffs, let's look at the coming weeks ahead for the team this season.